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Treatment Options for

Patients Suffering from

Postural Related Issues

The Active Influence line from Aspen Medical Products is designed to help people suffering from painful symptoms related to poor posture.

Active Influence for Postural Re-education


Postural Rehabilitation from the Comfort of Home

  • Conservative Therapy
  • Non-Narcotic Treatment Option
  • Targeted Compression
  • Covered by Most Private Insurances and Medicare


The goal of the Aspen Active Influence line is to help people re-establish a more natural alignment while working in conjunction with other therapies to reduce symptoms.

What Makes Aspen Products Different?

The Aspen Active P-TLSO and Vista MultiPost Therapy Collar are designed to actively influence patients' posture while they are wearing these products. All of the products in this line feature Aspen's innovative NEWmatix system which, when inflated, is the primary feature that helps bring the spine into a neutral alignment. 
Additionally, with consistent use, Aspen Active Influence products can help patients maintain improved posture when they aren't wearing the brace.  

The Aspen Active P-TLSO

Aspen's newest product, the Active P-TLSO is a conservative and low profile treatment option for people who are experiencing symptoms such as pain or numbness due to poor posture. This postural re-education device can be worn at home, in the office or while doing other light or low-impact activities. It is designed to be an adjunct to other therapies and can be worn throughout the day. 

The adjustable belt fits waists ranging from 24 - 50 inches and up to 60 inches with the addition of an extension panel.

Aspen's patented SlickTrack System features an independent upper and lower tightening mechanism, providing tarted and therapeutic compression where needed.

The Active P-TLSO can be adjusted to comfortably fit and accommodate varying heights and body types.

Active P-TLSO: How it Works



The Vista MultiPost Therapy Collar

The Aspen Vista MultiPost Therapy Collar is designed to address the symptoms associated with cervical spine conditions such as Forward Head Carriage also known as "Text Neck". This device provides therapeutic support to actively influence alignment and take stress off the vertebra, discs and nerves. Worn in the privacy of one’s home, the Vista MultiPost Therapy Collar is intended to help relieve cervicogenic headaches, radiculopathy and reduce pain in conjunction with other therapies.

The Locking Strap on the left side helps ensure that you can easily reapply your collar at home.

Aspen's patented sizing system offers 6 easy height adjustment settings to accommodate a wide range of anatomies.

The Aspen Therapy Pack delivers hot/cold therapy to help reduce inflammation and spasm.

Vista MultiPost Therapy Collar: How it Works



What is the Aspen Advantage?

With 25 years of research driven design, Aspen is committed

to providing patients with effective solutions for their unique spinal conditions. Aspen’s comprehensive product development approach produces groundbreaking innovation with the goal to improve patient outcomes. Aspen products continue to help drive industry standards in spinal bracing for efficacy, quality, design and outcomes by providing motion restriction, improving posture and reducing skin breakdown or muscle spasm.

That's the Aspen Advantage!

Additional Questions or Concerns?

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